Love your homeGold Jade Massage Bed

Special Jade Roller

Jade Handheld Projector

Solution of all Chronic Diseases by Jade Roller Therapy

All Chronic Disease cure by Jade Roller Therapy Possible Complications Headaches

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Love your homeCervical Shoulder Pain Relief Healing Massager

Knee joints hammering

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Love your homeAutomatic Thermal Massage Bed

Using our Massage Bed

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Welcome To “Marconi Electronics"

Spinegem is a South Korea based company engages in manufacturing of health and wellness products which is based on jade stone and tourmaline stone.

Its equipment emits far infrared waves and it cures human body in natural way.

Marconi Electronics is the sole distributor of Spingem products in pan India

Our product range includes all type of Korean massage beds,Jade and Tourmaline heating belts.These Thermal jade massage beds use the unique combination of the ornamental stone jade and infrared rays to lend numerous health benefits to the user. These beds can be used at home.

Some More Products

9 Ball Jade LCD Massager Vibrator, Car Massager, Chair Massager, Detox Machine (Electronic Foot Spa), Jade Stone Heating Therapy Mats, Leg Massager, Low frequency Therapy Instrument, Neck & Shoulder Cervical Belt, Photon Therapy Knee Pad, Slimming Vibration Belt (Soba Belt), Thermal Accupressure Heat Massager Bed, Tourmaline Stone Heating Belt, Tourmaline Stone Shoulder Therapy Pad, Blood Circulation Machine, Electromagnetic Body Shaper etc.


Massage bed

Best range of very special full body automatic massage bed

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Massage Mat

Wide range of products which include jade single bed mat.

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Massage Belt

spinegem Cervical Shoulder Massager bears the scientific appearance design

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Jade Stone Projector

Our product range includes a wide range of jade ball projector.

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Chair Massager

Leg rest design with more air bags, touch spots and wave-likeable .

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Car Massager

Made from high quality PU Leather ,Adjustable Massage Intensity

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