Full Body Automatic Massage Bed

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v3 plus


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Product Code: v3 plus

Premium 9 Jade rollers + 4 Jade rollers Automatic Massage Bed Main Description:

1. TotaL 9 jADE ROLLER IN UPPER SIDE (1 jade roller for neck massage)

2. 8 jade Rollers for back massage and shoulder

3. 4 jade Rollers for leg massage

4. have good effect for spinal straight and release muscle pain

5. add MP3 music function

6. add incline and decline function

Product Description


Internal projector & far-infrared Ray:

The thermal massage bed offers full body massage and radiates far-infrared rays through the Jade massage rollers.

The internal projector moves smoothly along the spinal contour while providing acupressure, hand massage, and moxibustion to the spine and nearby meridians, muscles and ligaments.

S-shaped driving orbit, more comfortable

While massaging and relaxing the muscles in the back and legs, the used high quality JADE massage rolls emit infrared heat, which can be set at between 40 - 70 degrees.

Special Jade Roller:

The Neck roller was designed specifically to focus on neck and head area which can be the reason for discomfort, the head roller was designed not to exceed maximum temperature of 70 degrees fahrenheit for safety of the user. The far-infrared is controllable, keep fit for the back part and supply the thermal heating treatment.


11 AUTO-program (F - 1 TO N - 9 & 9A.9B )and one manual program

LCD multifunction color remote controller

Easy button operation allows convenient selection of desired functions. LCD color panel is more popular and attractive. With functions: back automatic, back manual, back angle adjustment, far-infrared ray, back projector, handheld projector, temperature adjustment, leg automatic, leg manual.

Jade Handheld Projector 15 Balls foldable & 5 Ball:

Designed specifically to be applied on parts of the body those are not reachable by the main unit, the 5 ball external projector is an attachment which can be applied safely for same benefits. This attachment can also be an effective tool against numerous gynecological ailments by applying directly to the affected area.

Jade Handheld Projector : 15 Ball:

It is for the stomach and back area. The 15 ball projector applies effectively to wide areas while 5 ball projector applies to the areas not reachable by the main unit.

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