Jade Massage Bed

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1. Warm physical therapy bed has curative effect to the functional changes that caused by the vertebra.

2. Excellent produce design, adopt steel and wood bedstead: beautiful and fastness Produced by high quality material makes therapy bed beautiful and luxurious.

3. Exquisite integrated remote control design. The integrated remote control design enables the user complete functions through the remote control.

4. Low noise interior migration way. Adopt the special design of the motion way,which guaranteed the internal movement with low noise and less-vibration.

5. Easy-used exterior physical therapy. The smooth outward appearance and light and compact structure facilitate the users. Just one grasp is ok.

6. Unique interior design. The massage on the back vertebra done by the careful design of interior physical therapy featuring inner-hidden running, taking the advantages of warming.

7. May rise 45 fluctuations bed frame.

8. Tourmaline gives off heat the pad.

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