Massage Chair

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Product Code:L6000

Measurement (L*W*H mm)

1pc/1ctn 1280 x 840 x 800 32/69pcs for 1x20ft/40ft HQ


AC100-120V/ 220V-240V 50/60HZ 150W

Using time: 15 minutes

1. Humanized hand massage to close users' curve with full massage.

2. Unique extensions function with leg rest and wave-like air press massage.

3. Enjoy fancy music along with massage by flash disk.

4. Adopt VFD screen for handle control to show massage position.

5. Four rollers for back cushion with sound enclosure design in metal mechanism.

6. Humanized massage for overall, partial or fixed position.

7. Double air pumps with sound-enclosure design to provide effective on back, thigh, leg rest and hip.

8. Leg rest and back cushion angle adjustment driven by double electric pull rods.

9. Luxurious, fashionable and novel outline design.

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