Massage Chair

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Product Code:L6500

Measurement (L*W*H mm)

1pc/1ctn 1300 x 830 x 790 32/69pcs for 1x20ft/40ft HQ


AC100-120V/220V-240V 50/60HZ 150W

Using time: 15 minutes

1. Adopt hand hold plural liquid screen with clear visual.

2. Vibration function for seat cushion.

3. Adopt metal mechanism, Japanese technology with sound-enclosure design.

4. Arm width design from 2-22cm to reach comfortable position.

5. Adopt high-power, intelligence integrate circuit and humanized hand massage.

6. Luxurious, fashionable and novel outline design.

7. Multi-levels massage along with arms to satisfy different needs.

8. Multi air pumps with sound-enclosure design.

9. Adjust chair back spectrum from 115 to 170 degree.

10. Environmental PU material, ventilate and comfortable.

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