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Product Code:L9300

Measurement (L*W*H mm)

1pc/3ctns 1490x785x900 1130x3900x630 560x480x640 22/54pcs for 1x20ft/40 HQ


AC100-120V/ 220V-240V 50/60HZ 150W

Using time: 15 minutes

1. Adopt zero gravity design and enjoy outer space roaming feeling of massage. Luxurious, fashionable and novel outline design.

2. Adopt plural liquid screen with clear visual.

3. Adopt 2D metal mechanism, Japanese technology with sound-enclosure design.

4.4 rollers for back which provide Shiatsu, Knock, Knead, Tap, Knead-Knock, Knead-Tap with 3 levels of intensity.

5. Adopt high-power, intelligence integrate circuit and humanized hand massage.

6. Leg rest designed with more air bags, touch spots and wave-likeable air pressure massage, leg massager extension by electromotion .

7. Multi-levels massage along with arms to satisfy different needs.

8. The chair provides heat function on back cushion and foot sole.

9. Music function provide sychronized massage function.

10. Adjust chair back spectrum from 115 to 170 degree.

11. Leg rest adjustable design meet kinds of needs of users with different height and the longest extension is 25cm.

12. Environmental PU material, ventilate and comfortable.


1. 4 auto modes: Recreation/Music Sync/Relief/Refresh and 6 manual modes.

2. Total 76pcs air bags /Head cushion:6pcs/Back cushion:4pcs Arms:22pcs/Seat cushion:18pcs/Legrest: 6pcs/Footrest:20pcs

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